The Learning Infrastructure Research group

The Learning Infrastructure Research group  (LIR) focuses on infrastructure for learning. Addressing issues on how the design and implementation of infrastructure and technology affects pedagogical possibilities and the pedagogical freedom of teachers and learners.

The LIR group is a part of Interactive Media and Learning at the Department of Applied Pedagogical Science at Umeå University.

What is learning infrastructure?

There are a number of ways in which the concept of a learning infrastructure can be defined. Spanning from physical (hard) infrastructure in terms of networks, computers and other hardware to issues regarding data, software and services. The LIR group mainly focuses on the second, “soft” part of the infrastructure.

The object of study is the interrelation between technology and teaching/learning. Assuming that there is a direct relation between how technology is designed and implemented and the possibilities that are offered by technology in terms of aiding and enhancing learning. I.e. technology need to have certain properties and characteristics in order to aid teaching and learning in the best possible way. Hence, everything spanning from data formats and protocols, system borders and interaction with the surrounding world to user interface design and implementation in a pedagogical context need to be considered in relation to pedagogical and other requirements.

The LIR group studies this relationship from a number of different viewpoints, such as Virtual Learning Environments (i.e. LMS, PLE etc.), digital learning resources, digitization of the curriculum, learning technology standardization etc. This is reflected by the projects, where our work is also described in detail.


The members of the LIR group are:

Fredrik Paulsson (Convener/Associate Professor)
Henning Eriksson (PhD student/System Developer)
Eva Mårell-Olsson (Assistant Professor)
Peter Bergström (Assistant Professor)
Mikael Karlsson (System Developer)
Sebastian Bardt (System Developer)



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