Dr. Eva Mårell-Olsson (post-doc)


Dr. Eva Mårell-Olsson made her Ph.D. in 2012 at Tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap vid Umeå University, Sweden. She studied ePortfolios and, in particular, IUP processes “Individual Development Plans” for students in schools. The original aim of such IUP  documents was that teachers can “see” the competence development of their pupils/students and adjust their teaching designs. But Eva Mårell-Olsson’s main finding is that the IUP documents and the digital documentation doesn’t affect teaching at all! It means, the implementation of IUPs is not useful – or at least not useful for designing teaching nor to have informed designs to enable learning.  Eva’s PhD study is published under the title “making learning visible” (“Att göra lärandet synligt?”) at Umeå University.


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