MediaTablets-Didactics in higher education (Umeå Univ)

MediaTablets-Didactics in teacher education (preschool teacher education)

The department of Tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap (Applied Educational Science) at Umeå University started a project within the preschool teacher education. 15 university teachers and instructors got media tablets (iPads) in April 2012 and 49 preschool student teachers got media tablets in September 2012, a 2nd student cohort got media tablets in March, around 75 students.

In workshops entitled “digital didactical designs”, the university teachers collaborate in order to redesign their courses.  The project group supports the teachers and the new students cohort until they have finished their preschool teacher study programme. Our  understanding is

  1. Teachers are collaborative learners at the workplace.
  2. It’s  about “making learning visible” and support peer-reflective learning to help students in their learning progress. In student learning, the media tablets can be useful to make “learning as process” visible.

Research about the challenges and potentials using the media tablets enhancing teaching and learning from both teachers and students has been started.


Project Group:
Isa Jahnke (leader)
Ewa Gruffman, Kenneth Ekström, Helena Rosqvist,
Krister Lindwall, Peter Vinnervik

Lars Norqvist
Andreas Olsson
Leif Marklund

Professor Dr. Isa Jahnke