MediaTablets-Didactics in Danish schools

The municipality Odder in Denmark implemented media tablets for all their 7 schools. Ca. 200 teachers (in October 2011) and 2,000 students got iPads  in January 2012 (a 1:1 programme). We were then asked to conduct research about the didactical situations and effects. The research main focus is the European Didactics (North American: Instructional Design) to understand what the teachers do when they use media tablets in the classroom and if  their practices affect learning (if yes, how/to what extent).

The central research questions are:

  1. What are the understandings of the school teachers towards MediaTablets-Didactics, and what forms of designs for teaching and learning (Lund & Hauge, 2011) do they construct?
  2. What do they do in practice in the classroom; in what ways do they use the media tablets? Is the Media Tablet integrated in a traditional teacher-student-communication, or are there any new forms of didactical designs, which ones?
  3. To what extent could the Media Tablets be used in the classroom from International experts point of view? What are the possibilities, challenges and potentials?

A qualitative research approach will be applied including mixed research methods, especially classroom observations and interviews with teachers, school leaders and head teachers.


Reports and Press
Isa Jahnke, Lars Norqvist, & Andreas Olsson (2013).  New ways of teaching using media tablets – lessons learned from Odder in Denmark. Version 3 from 28 September 2013. PDF file to download Odder-newspaperstyle-V3.pdf  ((This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.)) The Danish version:

Danish TV2, 13 march 2014  and–Ros-til-iPad-forsoeg

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