Digital Games in preschools (PhD study)

“Implications of Digital Games and Mobile Technologies in the pedagogical setting of preschools and preschool teacher education”

Leif Marklund

Leif research study focuses on the implementation of mobile technologies in preschools and ‘preschool teacher education’, and to what extent a digital game-based learning affects the pedagogical context of preschools.

Within the preschool teacher education context the current generation of preschool student teachers will be challenged in re-conceptualising outdoor education in preschools with these technologies, and the study will report and discuss their capability in doing so.

The different views — regarding mobile technologies and digital games among preschool student teachers and preschool teachers — will be examined in order to locate possible factors that could interfere with the implementation of these technologies in the pedagogical setting. Main research questions are:

  • What are the different views of students in preschool teacher education and preschools teachers regarding digital games, and to what extent does it affect their teaching practices?
  • What role(s) have the mobile technologies now entering preschools played in the implementation of digital games in the pedagogical practice?

The aim is to study the educational experiences from preschools where mobile technologies and digital games have been implemented will be researched in order to provide an overview of what challenges and benefits that could derive from this kind of digitalization of the preschool context.

Research methods

Two experiments regarding gamification of learning activities will be conducted both in the preschool outdoor context and in higher education net-based courses in order to evaluate the values of creating and using educational game-like experiences within these context.

Surrounding world context

Views regarding how contemporary digital media, such as video games, affect learning may derive from how education is facilitated within different countries context. A comparison between Swedish and Sri Lankan University students views regarding how video games may affect learning show indications of that the educational policy also probably affect the views regarding using contemporary digital media.