#NU2014 conference on higher education

NU2014 – Sveriges största konferens för utveckling av högre utbildning
8 – 10 October 2014 at Umeå University

Our research team has several presentations and round tables at NU2014:

  • Eva Mårell-Olsson: “Google Glass in dental education” (Wednesday)
  • Isa Jahnke, Eva Mårell-Olsson, Peter Bergström, et al.: “Digital Didactical Designs – what designs of teaching practices enable deeper learning in co-located communication spaces?” (Wednesday)
  • Anders Norberg, Isa Jahnke, Eva Mårell-Olsson: do we need new words for what is happening in higher education? (Friday)
  • and more!

Join us for discussions!

Twitter: #nu2014se
Web http://sites.upc.umu.se/nu2014/

On the photo below is Eva Mårell and her GoogleGlass presentation.


About isaja

Isa Jahnke is Professor in ICT, media and learning at Umeå University at the Department of Applied Educational Science/IML group.
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