Katja Ninnemann – Organization of Socio-Technical Learning Spaces

Seminar on Tuesday, 21 April 2015, 10-11:45am at TUV/IML, in the “IML mötesrum”.
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Perspectives for the organization of learning spaces in higher education due to the changed requirements of learning processes

Katja Ninnemann,
Technical University Vienna

Abstract. Established learning processes are changing as a consequence of the development of the knowledge-based society as well as the advancement of information and communication technologies. The paradigm “from teaching to learning” that focuses on the strengthening of individual competences away from the simple transfer of knowledge implies different roles of the participants of educational processes and institutions. Due to this fact the social space “university” is going to be modified and existing pictures of learning spaces and its organization won’t fit in the nearby future anymore. The research question focuses on which spatial respectively organizational requirements support competence oriented learning processes in physical and virtual learning environments. Following the methodology of the Grounded Theory empirical data will be collected through case analysis and expert surveys to iteratively evolve hypotheses. The objective is to generate recommendations to support the strategic spatial planning and organizational concepts at universities.

About her
Dipl.-Ing. Katja Ninnemann, Architect DWB/ PhD student Technical University Vienna, Faculty of Architecture and Planning/ participation in the research project “New Learning Spaces” SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg/ freelance architect with 47ig_communication & space in Darmstadt/ katja.ninnemann@47ig.de

Photo_Katja Ninnemann

About isaja

Isa Jahnke is Professor in ICT, media and learning at Umeå University at the Department of Applied Educational Science/IML group.
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