The conference aims at a wide audience from different groups such as researchers, teachers from schools and universities, Teacher Education, IT-pedagogues, and MediaCenters.

The participation fee for DDD2015 is 500 SEK  per person (50 Euros) for both days — 3rd and 4th of June 2015. The fee covers, for example, coffee breaks, lunch, conference dinner.

If you want to attend, please register. Please note, that this is an external link organized by Umeå Congress (Umeå University): Registration continues by clicking on the following link:

First come, first served!
The conference is planned for max. 100 participants. If there are more than 100 participants, we create a waiting list. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform us when you want to withdraw your participation that other people on the waiting list get the opportunity to attend.

Technical questions regarding the registration?
Umeå Congress
+46 90 13 00 35



Do you want to know which new teaching and learning practices emerge when schools and universities use tablets such as ipads or wearable technologies (e.g., Google Glass)? Do you want to discuss new forms of innovative pedagogy? Then, it is time to come to Umeå!

The conference wants to initiate reflections about current understandings and relationships of learning, teaching, pedagogy and ICT and tablets in education, in schools and higher Education: What is the new normality of teaching and learning in a digital media world? Challenges and unexpected factors will be illustrated from different research studies. We present our studies around tablet-mediated classrooms and Learning Expeditions in the Nordic Countries. Learn from and discuss with international experts and researchers. We invited, for example, Gerry Stahl (USA), Ulrich Hoppe (Germany), Yishay Mor (UK), Andreas Lund (Norway), Ilona Buchem (Germany), Staffan Selander (Sweden), Swapna Kumar (USA) and Sean P. Goggins (USA).


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  1. Karyn Sandstrom

    Isa, if you have too many people signed up, I can always help out at the conference instead. Just let me know if that is what you need. Karyn


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