Yishay Mor

“The practice of designing for change of practice: agile approaches to educational design research and action”

Dr. Yishay Mor

Abstract. The scientific paradigm of educational design research (EDR) and the professional approach of learning design (LD) share an ambitious position: a dual commitment to understand and contribute to how people teach and learn. This task is confounded by the complexity of the domain and the inherent multi-stakeholder nature of most initiatives. The focus of EDR is closer to theory whereas LD is more pragmatic, yet both face similar challenges: the shortage of mechanisms for cross-stakeholder dialogue, an inadequate argumentative grammar, the failure to account for existing practices and contexts, and the rigid processes dictated by the dynamics of research projects or professional structures. This talk will present two established frameworks which attempt to address these issues, and report on initial work on a third. The Participatory Pattern Workshop (PPW) methodology guides researchers and practitioners in collaborative reflection on their design experiences, leading them through articulation of these experiences as design narratives, abstraction of these into design patterns, and using these to formulate design scenarios. The Learning Design Studio (LDS) methodology combines inquiry and project-based pedagogies with blended learning techniques to introduce educational practitioners to the principles and practices of Design Inquiry of Learning. The emerging Patterns of Practice and Design (PPD) approach extends and adapts elements of PPW and LDS in an attempt to address the barriers to the development of successful educational design research through a process which identifies gaps in current practices and devises innovations to target them. I will report early findings from a pilot implementation, which suggests that this framework optimises the exchange of ideas and methods, leading to a richer and more nuanced conceptualisation of educational innovations.

Dr. Yishay Mor is Design expert and founder of the Learning Design Studio.
http://www.yishaymor.org/ Dr. Yishay Mor is a consultant in educational innovation and technology and the educational design scientist at PAU Education, Barcelona. His main areas of expertise are Learning Design, Educational Design Research, and teacher professional development – which are combined in his work on Design Inquiry of Learning and the Learning Design Studio. Dr. Mor has also explored the new possibilities opened up by social and mobile technologies for learning, and specifically the potential these have in developing contexts. In recent years, Dr. Mor has established himself as an expert on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). He led the Open Learning Design Studio MOOC, acted as advisor to several other MOOCs, and guest edited a special issue of eLearning papers on “MOOCs and beyond”. At PAU Education, he designed and led the incubator programme of theOpen Education Challenge.
Dr. Mor has published extensively, has participated in multiple EU and UK funded projects, and had founded the STELLAR network of excellence Learning Design Grid theme team. and has conducted scores of learning design workshops for educational practitioners. He is the co-editor of the book “Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology” which offers a ground-breaking approach to bridging the gap between theory and practice in education. He has edited special issues of several journals, including Research in Learning Technology and the British Journal of Educational Technology. He is editor in chief of eLearning Papers. Dr. Mor’s initial training was as a computer scientist. Having completed his MSc in multi-agent systems, he worked for several years as a senior software engineer, before shifting his path to educational research. His PhD thesis “A Design Approach to Research in Technology Enhanced Mathematics Education” won the second TELEARC award for PhD excellence.


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(all available at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yishay_Mor)

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