The ICTML – Digital Didactics Research group

By admin • Project • 4 Oct 2012

The research group Digital Didactics studies both IT- and iPad-Didactics. The frame for this approach includes teaching aims, learning activities, feedback activities (process-based), the design of social relations (e.g. teacher-student interactions) and the role of IT or iPads. What role do the iPads or IT play to enhance the learning? By examining the use of iPads in higher education and in schools we assume that under the right conditions the iPad can significantly enhance teaching and learning. The research question is what are the right conditions, what elements can be designed, to what extent and how?

The ICTML – Digital Didactics research group at Interactive Media and Learning (IML) is with the Department of Applied Educational Science at Umeå University in Sweden.

Further information: project website


The members of the ICTML – Digital Didactics Research group are:

Isa Jahnke (Group leader)
Andreas Olsson, mobile learning (PhD student)
Anders Norberg, blended learning (PhD student)
Lars Norqvist, creative learning (PhD student)
Leif Marklund, designs for outdoor learning through gamification (PhD student)
Dr. Natalija Sharkova (Post-Doctoral researcher, Ukraine)

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